Bulls And Bud Of The Week: Captiva Verde And The Sweet Science Of Cannabis

Welcome to the latest installment of “Bulls and Bud,” a column where we take a look at some of the most promising stocks and brands in the legal cannabis industry.

Captiva Verde

Last week, Captiva Verde Land Corp (OTC: CPIVF) acquired Solargram Farms Corporation, which is a producer and processor of organic cannabis in Canada.

As noted in the press release, the acquisition includes land assets, growing assets, proprietary IP and technological expertise necessary to successfully run and operate multiple planned outdoor grown, low cost per gram, organic cannabis site operations together with its planned related full spectrum cannabis oil concentrate processing facilities.

Captiva has actually been a bit of a stealth pot stock play, as it’s received very little media attention, but has a nice little operation underway. Particularly in regards to its moves in Mexico, where the government is in the process of legalizing this wonderful plant.

Back in October, the company announced it reached a deal with S&G Procesos Industriales of Mexico for the infusion of legal cannabis products into well established Mexican alcohol products. It’s also working to acquire from Mexican landowners, land and licenses for the cultivation, processing and distribution of legal cannabis and legal hemp products in Mexico.

It should also be noted Captiva is actively working to get its CBD products into big box retailers in the U.S. and has diversified its operations through a 50 percent interest in an approved $350 million residential subdivision in Southern California.

That project, which is joint …

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