California’s Assembly Bill 97 Is The State’s Latest Attempt To Curtail The Illicit Market

In May 2019, California significantly cut its cannabis tax revenue projections through June 2020. In just four months, state projections decreased by $223 million.

Much of the blame is often placed on the state’s rampant illicit market. Since the legalization of adult use cannabis, California has struggled to convert or shut down noncompliant businesses.

Despite the risk of untested cannabis products, consumers continue to use illicit options to avoid excise taxes that can reach 50%. Some estimations have projected that for every one compliant shop in the state, there are five that are noncompliant.

Newsome OKs $30K Fines 

The state has continued to push consumers toward legal options while attempting to curtail black market actors. The state Bureau of Cannabis Control recently launched the #weedwise campaign, encouraging people to buy from licensed businesses. …

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