Michigan’s Cannabis Sector Is Emergent, Thanks To Favorable Legislations

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The US cannabis market, in general, has been opening up, especially since Canada legalized marijuana in late 2018. Despite the progress being slow, 11 states already allow the recreational use of marijuana. Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states. Michigan is one of the states where both medical and recreational marijuana is legal, a reason for the emerging cannabis sector.

Michiganders with medical needs can access medical marijuana through the various dispensaries spread across the State. Specifically, patients have accessed this substance since it was legalized after the historic vote in 2008. During the vote, Michiganders agreed to let Proposal 1 (the Michigan Compassionate Care Initiative) see the light of day.

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Under a decade later, the people were asked to return to the ballot to decide the fate of recreational marijuana. Fortunately for pot lovers, the people gave the substance the go-ahead to appear on dispensary shelves. Unfortunately, a year after the vote, recreational marijuana is not yet available in dispensaries. This is to say that users can only get access to medical marijuana.

New rules to guide the upcoming recreational cannabis sector

On July 3, 2019, authorities in Michigan laid out new rules to guide the recreational cannabis sector. In the regulations, cannabis users for recreational purposes will be able to access the substance from dispensaries in early December 2019. This is around the same time when the Marijuana Regulatory Agency will commence the approval of license applications.

As per the rules, dispensaries which already sell medical marijuana will have their recreational marijuana business license applications expedited. Further, the marijuana authority recently revealed that it would relax licensing rules in 19 communities within the State. Basically, one should expect the market to expand further as more suppliers enter the market.

By May 2019, 202 licensed dispensaries were …

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