Ask Our Experts, 9/15/2019


Q: We noticed on LinkedIn about New Frontier Data’s involvement in the Southern Hemp Expo this month, but could not get to Tennessee. What were some of the takeaways?


A: According to New Frontier Data’s Vice President and Senior Economist Beau Whitney, the hot topic in Franklin, Tenn. (near Nashville), was concern about the amount of supply that is about to hit the market. With more than 15,000 licenses issued in the U.S., and some 250,000 acres planted this year, cultivators are fretful about oversupply of hemp flower and biomass, and how such will impact prices. With a lack of supply-related data, speculation is rampant about a supply-related crash in prices.

Development of hemp’s supply chain might be new to some just getting into the nascent industry, but it is not for those experienced in commercial hemp production. Regardless of those just planting crops for the first time, traditional harvest time draws …

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