Flower One Announces Official Launch of Nevada Cannabis Extraction and Production Facility

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 16, 2019 /CNW/ – PRESS RELEASE – Flower One Holdings Inc., a cannabis cultivator and producer in Nevada, has announced the official, operational launch of its cannabis production lab, which will operate alongside the company’s 400,000-square-foot greenhouse.

The new production space encompasses approximately 55,000 square feet and can readily consume between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds of biomass per week – with distillate processing from its ethanol extraction train in the 100 to 150 liter per week range. Today’s announcement enhances Flower One’s ability to generate product from its more than 140,000 pounds (62,500 kg) of dry cannabis flower and trim expected annually from the greenhouse.

Thomas Rosengren, director of extraction and production, reported: “The launch of Flower One’s bulk distillate process train has been a resounding success – with early lot potencies already testing in the 90-plus percent range.”

Flower One’s production lab has been intentionally designed for large-scale product fulfillment. By leveraging multiple extraction methods – namely ethanol, LPG, and CO2 – that run in parallel, Flower One has access to three upstream extraction channels, granting it the flexibility to leverage the specific extraction techniques needed to produce a wide range of cannabis products. Beyond extraction, the lab will engage in refinement, compounding and commercial-kitchen-related activities, including ongoing optimization via data-driven continuous improvement processes.

“The product and test results coming out of the lab mark another huge milestone for Flower One and our ability to produce premium quality cannabis products” said Kellen O’Keefe, chief strategy officer at Flower One. “Flower One is thrilled to bring some of the nation’s leading cannabis brands to Nevada’s retailers and consumers.”

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