Looking At Investment Trends At The End Of Q3-19

by New Frontier Data

Explosive growth in the legal cannabis industry has drawn increasing attention from investors and companies in a range of industries interested in capitalizing on opportunities within the sector. Such growing interest from corporations and individuals outside of the sector will be vitally important in increasing the legitimacy and professionalism of legal cannabis, funding sector-wide innovation, and increasing corporate and industry efficiency to reflect mainstream businesses practices.

This week’s CannaBit infographic illustrates a two-year comparison of year-over-year growth by 10 of the top companies in the legal cannabis industry.

As examined at length in New Frontier Data’s forthcoming U.S. Cannabis Report: 2019 Industry Outlook, sectors currently attracting the most attention in North America include banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, alcohol, and professional services. As legal state markets have begun to mature, and as momentum continues to build for national cannabis reform, investors have shown increasing willingness to assume greater risk (and make larger investments) to capture a first-mover advantage in a high-opportunity industry that is still highly fragmented with relatively few large players.

Cannabis stocks have enjoyed a boon over the last few years amid growing corporate investments, high enthusiasm among retail investors, sweeping political reform, and international expansion of legalization. However, the fevered Green Rush has recently cooled as exuberant outlooks are replaced by more pragmatic views grounded in business fundamentals and long-term planning.

The top 10 current largest cannabis companies have a combined $42.8 billion in market …

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