Jim Belushi Takes On Your Blues With His Pot

By Melanie Erbar.

Who doesn’t know the legendary film “The Blues Brothers, personified by “Saturday Night Live” alumni John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd?

The 1980 cult movie permeated American pop culture, and now the late Belushi’s brother Jim Belushi wants to bring it back in the form of lovingly cultivated cannabis and the Blues Brothers strain.

The Hollywood actor and SNL comedian has been working on releasing this newest strain for quite some time now, as his first attempt to expand into the newly legalized market of his beloved home state of Illinois. 

Following his successful release of artisanal strains like Cherry Pie (what Belushi calls the “marriage counselor” strain), Black Diamond OG and Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica, which he sells to dispensaries in Oregon under the brand name Belushi’s Private Vault, Belushi’s dream now is to grow nationwide. 

While California and Nevada appear to be next in line as far for the Blues Brothers brand expansion, this is still pending conversations around brand licensing, which Belushi said he’d be willing …

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