Green Rush Podcast: Jeff The 420 Chef Creates Online ‘Dosing Calculator’ For At-Home Canna-Chefs

This week, The Green Rush is publishing a very special JOINT episode with the Eat Well, Travel Often Podcast hosted by Lewis’ better half Melissa Goldberg. In this episode the Goldbergs are chatting with Jeff the 420 Chef, author of The 420 Gourmet: The art of Elevated Cannabis Cuisine.

Dubbed “The Julia Child of Weed”, Jeff works with cannabis in ways that no other cannabis chef in the world does. Jeff has been redefining the cannabis consumption experience since 2012 with his “tasteless” cannabutter and canna-oils, edible culinary cannabis, which mimic herbs like oregano, rosemary and thyme and infused cooking oils devoid of the herbaceous cannabis taste. He’s since grown his business into a best-selling cookbook and has become one of the nation’s most in-demand private cannabis chefs.

Lewis and Melissa chat with Jeff about his tinkering with recipes to get them to the perfect balance between THC levels and tastiness, the rise of social consumption in lounges and restaurants in legal states and what his plans are for the future of his brand.

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