‘Psyched’: First Psychedelics Company Goes Public, Phase III Clinical Trials On MDMA For PTSD

Welcome to the first edition of Psyched, a bi-monthly column covering the most important developments in the industry of medicinal psychedelics. We hope you follow us periodically as we report on the growth of this exciting new industry.

MindMed Became the First Psychedelics Company to List Publicly on NEO Stock Exchange, Created New Committee

Mind Medicine Inc. (OTC: MMEDF) (NEO: MMED) received clearance by Canada’s NEO Exchange to list under the symbol MMED on March 3. This makes it the first psychedelic-focused company to go public on a North American exchange.

MindMed is a neuro-pharmaceutical company that researches and develops psychedelics-inspired medicine. The company is researching 18-MC, a non-hallucinogenic drug derived from the psychedelic plant ibogaine and is setting the ground for Phase 2 clinical trials on LSD microdosing.

After completion of a Phase 1 clinical trial to prove 18-MC’s safety in humans the company is now moving forward to Phase 2 trials, which will assess efficacy and side effects. The 18-MC molecule has been floated as a possible alternative to treating substance addiction, including opioids and tobacco.

The company also announced on March 12 it has formed a technology evaluation, acquisition and scientific integrity board committee, that will be headed by Matthew Johnson, Ph.D. 

Johnson is a Johns Hopkins professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, who has been one of the leading figures of psychedelic research and treatment development in the past decade. Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli, a psychiatry clinician and a director on MindMed’s board, will …

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