Lessons From Women’s History Month Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

By Jessica Steinberg.

As the world celebrates women throughout March 2020, Mother Nature had a challenging surprise waiting for us. International Women’s Day and the Covid-19 pandemic have connected humanity across all borders and boundaries. While for different reasons, IWD may offer some lessons as we enter an age of social distancing.

Lets start with an IWD perspective. We all know and celebrate females: mothers, daughters, friends, colleagues, teachers, mentors, artists, doctors, scientists, politicians, businesspeople and more. Some of which are on the frontline of the outbreak today. Covid-19 now has a full passport being reported in at least 110 countries, connecting and infecting societies alike.

As this virus goes viral, events, (play) dates, meetings and more are going virtual.

Here’s the reality: concerts are silenced. Athletes have lost their seasons. School is not in session. Supermarkets are busier than the local pub. Toilet paper is in higher demand than roses on Valentines Day.

No, it’s not the apocalypse. Yes, entire communities are entering phases of social outcast. This is when unity must be a priority.

Our humanity connects us, but the virus has exposed us. Hoarding is hurting, not healing anyone or anything. Self-interests are trumping self-isolation requests. Discriminatory behavior (e.g. about wearing face masks and racial slurs) is fuelling the risk of mayhem.

Is this the epitome of humankind? When society is vulnerable to the point of breaking from uncertainty, selfishness must be replaced by selflessness.

Generosity and kindness mirror …

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