‘Psyched’: Hawaii Considers Resolution For Shrooms, Champignon Eyes Ketamine Products

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Champignon Brands Buys IP Company and Adds Ketamine and New Formulations To Its Portfolio

On March 19, Champignon Brands Inc. (CSE: SHRM) (OTC: SHRMF), a Canadian health and wellness company focused on the formulation and distribution of medicinal mushrooms products, acquired a new IP that will allow it to add Ketamine products to its portfolio.

The intellectual property addition comes from the acquisition of Novo Formulations Ltd., a biotechnology company working with ketamine, anaesthetics and adaptogenics, in a purpose-built GMP and pharmaceutical licensed facility in Quebec, Canada, and an accredited pharmacy in Ontario. The company is developing transdermal (topical), intranasal, sublingual, oral and suppository formulations.

Aside from adding Ketamine to its portfolio, Champignon will leverage Novo’s expertise into developing new formulations that could make psilocybin and MDMA products more readily available for consumers.

Hawaii Lawmakers Introduce Resolution To Study Psilocybin

Hawaii Legislature introduced a new set of resolutions aimed at studying the medicinal applications of psilocybin. The lawmakers aim to develop a plan that ensures the availability of the compound for adult patients across the state. 

The resolutions, introduced both in the …

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More 'Psyched': Hawaii Considers Resolution For Shrooms, Champignon Eyes Ketamine Products