Here’s What CBD Can’t Do for You

By The Fresh Toast’s Mary Sauer, providede exclusively to Benzinga Cannabis.

When talking about what a product can do, the words we use matter. This is especially true when we talk about how CBD might affect the symptoms of a disorder versus providing a cure.

Even the biggest fans of hemp-derived cannabidiol have to admit that this product has its limitations. While the ability to manage seizures for a few hard-to-treat pediatric conditions, decrease anxiety, and improve sleep have all been supported by preliminary research, there are false claims being made about CBD.

CBD can’t do it all. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers are willing to market honestly, especially if it might mean sacrificing profits. This has resulted in disappointed consumers and a pretty detailed FDA warning about bogus health claims. Here’s a look at a few of the things CBD can’t do for you.

CBD and Cancer

One misunderstanding about CBD is that it is a cure for cancer. So far, the research surrounding CBD hasn’t found this to be true and the FDA was pretty clear when they sent a letter warning manufacturers about false claims about CBD curing cancer. What has been proven is that, in a …

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