A Snapshot Of America’s Medical Marijuana Markets: Mississippi

Mississippi allows medical cannabis consumption in only the strictest fashion. Since 2014, the state has permitted patients with seizure disorders to use a high-CBD/low-THC product as medicine.

The laws could expand this fall. In November, citizens will head to the polls to vote on two medical cannabis ballot questions.

One bill is aimed at curtailing the market’s growth.

Two Bills, One Aimed At Killing Reform: Citizens appear to want medical cannabis in Mississippi. That said, it is uncertain which bill they want, and if they can differentiate between the two ballot questions.

Initiative 65 is considered a more accessible program. Backed by the advocacy group Medical Marijuana 2020, the bill’s highlights include 22 listed qualifying conditions, a 2.5-ounce possession limit and 7% state tax.

The second bill, Alternative 65A, is backed by conservative lawmakers. Many cannabis advocates and lawmakers have pushed back on 65A for its failure to produce specifics on critical factors laid out in the advocate-backed bill.

The two ballot questions made it to …

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