Stormy Simon Launches ‘Lunch With Stormy’ Podcast

Stormy Simon, the former CEO of HighTimes Holdings and former president of Inc (NASDAQ: OSTK), is currenly a 2020 candidate for the District 21 seat in the Utah State House of Representatives.

She’s alao launching a new podcast.

The series, Lunch with Stormy, debuts Tuesday and is expected to bring a powerful perspective to state governance, global commerce, and the advancement of equity in America. It will also feature conversations with tastemakers and unexpected thought leaders, delving into topics including reinvention, unique business practices, and the role that modern spirituality plays in our daily lives. 

“I’ve always loved storytelling and I’ve been on a perpetual quest for reinvention of self since I left the top post at in 2016, to venture into the cannabis industry,” Simon told Benzinga. “Lunch with Stormy allows me to be the conduit for sharing other people’s stories of transformation while creating a meaningful platform for diverse voices to be heard.” 

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