3 Weed Products Rap Legend Wyclef Jean Can’t Live Without

This article was originally published on Weedmaps News, and appears here with permission.

Wyclef Jean is a music legend and international icon. Without this man, the world would never have heard the SHAKIRA! SHAKIRA! battle cry. Talk about cultural contributions. 

Since his first album with the Fugees, Blunted on Reality, Wyclef has long been an advocate for cannabis and its legalization. Now, he’s moving into the cannabis industry as an owner and partner in order to create opportunity for his people.

“I come from Haiti, where 80% of the population is living on less than a dollar a day. And I think that the future for a lot of these third world islands and third world countries is going to be galvanizing the Farmers’s Union. The production of cannabis hemp will literally start to bring billions of dollars of export that did not exist,” he tells Weedmaps.

“So we’re hoping that this partnership we have in America with Cali Life is going to galvanize the Caribbean to do more. And we get more legislation passed moving forward so we can start organizing these farmers.”

In addition to his work in cannabis, Clef also told us some of the smokeables that he rocks with. Here are a few cannabis products Wyclef Jean can’t live without.


Cali …

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