How Medical Marijuana Can Help With ALS (Or Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

This article was originally published on The Fresh Toast, and appears here with permission.

Hundreds of studies have looked into the benefits of THC and CBD on pain and overall health, and in the last decade alone, dozens have focused on the effect of cannabinoids on ALS. 

One of the most widely misunderstood disorders, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS,) seems to make headlines for the beautiful lives it has taken, including famous baseball legend Lou Gehrig. 

As a progressive neurodegenerative disease, ALS causes patients to lose control of bodily functions such as eating, speaking, and breathing, creating heartache for those who battle the disease. An estimated 30,000 Americans are living with ALS, with 5,000 individuals diagnosed per year, according to the ALS Association. A humbling statistic also is present with ALS, as it was found in a study that 

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