B-Real Discusses ‘Bong Appétit: Cook Off,’ The National TV Cannabis Cooking Show He Hosts

As the mainstreaming of cannabis continues, VICELAND’s cannabis-themed cooking show Bong Appétit,” the most prominent (or maybe the only) marijuana cooking show on national and international television, is upping its bets by incorporating B-Real of Cypress Hill as its season three host and judge, while also rebooting the product as a cook-off – or cooking competition.

The famed rapper, actor, and cannabis entrepreneur will join Vanessa Lavorato, founder of Marigold Sweets, and the very-well-known chef and restaurateur Miguel Trinidad, as they embark in a quest to find the ultimate cannabis chefs in North America.

Debuting on April 2nd, the series will follow contestants as they compete in a series of pot-infused cooking challenges of diverse natures. Each episode will feature a different theme and three unique cooks seeking to be crowned the week’s winner. A little spoiler: even though most of the contestants have little to no experience cooking with weed, the results are impressive.

In addition to the cooks and judges, “Bong Appétit: Cook Off” will feature a fun roster of special guests, including Wiz Khalifa, Lykke Li, George Clinton of Parliament-Funkadelic, and rappers DRAM, Jarobi White, and N.O.R.E, as well as comedians Cheech & Chong and Doug Benson, The Sopranos actor Joe Gannascoli, and Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio.

Interested in learning more about this awesome show that’s helping bring cannabis to the front and center of global culture, while proving pot can be as sophisticated as consumers want it to be, I sat down to watch the first couple episodes ahead of their release, and followed up with B-Real and Vanessa Lavorato, to further discuss the topic.

The Intersection Of Entertainment And Education

This is an educational show that helps bring cannabis closer to the mainstream, B-Real started by explaining. “Of course it’s entertainment too, because this is a cooking competition show and people are fairly entertained by competition-style shows – as evidenced by the huge cooking competition shows on TV right now.

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“But this show is also educational in several ways. One aspect of it is competitors have to put meals together. So, for people trying to learn how to cook to any degree, this is an educational show,” B-Real told me. “The other big educational aspect of ‘Bong Appétit:Cook Off,’ and …

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