Nevada City Council opts to leave open council seat empty

The Nevada City Council on Thursday declined to appoint a replacement council member in the wake of former Mayor Reinette Senum’s resignation.

Unless the council changes course, it will have only four members until Nevada City voters install a fifth member in the Nov. 3 election.

A proposed resolution had called for appointing former council member David Parker, who in March lost his reelection bid. Council members Daniela Fernandez and Doug Fleming opposed the appointment, instead preferring to let the voters fill the spot.

The council voted 3 to 1 to leave the seat vacant. Mayor Erin Minett opposed.

“We have three months,” Fleming said. “It’s not that long.”

Minett, who favored the appointment, said a council member could grow sick and be unavailable to serve. Additionally, Parker has no plans to run for the office, and would gain no advantage in the election as an incumbent.

“We need to be able to function as best we can,” Minett said.

One reason for the appointment is the current composition of the city’s Planning Commission. The council must wait 90 days from Senum’s resignation before it can appoint someone to that panel.

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