Brad Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County (July 1920)

From the pages of newspaper, July 1920:

The latest census shows the U.S. has 105,000,000 people.

The Fourth of July committee is building a hoozgow — anyone wearing a white shirt or a tie on the third of July will find themselves therein confined.

Other than a brisk rain around the 2nd, July was dry.

Four new teachers hired — Misses: Helene Armstrong, Beatrice McClaskey, Jennete Martin and Francis Lutz.

Four Indian tribes will engage in a powwow near Reno; the Washoe, Piute, Ehoshone and Digger tribes.

A Charlie Chaplin comedy plays at the Auditorium.

Local stations and garages will receive double their allotment of gasoline to carry them over the Fourth.

James Cox of Ohio is nominated by the Democratic convention in San Francisco — Franklin D. Roosevelt as VP.

The restroom kept open at Tupper’s confectionery store during the Fourth was heartily welcomed.

R.J. Bennetts, Broadway Street druggist, has safe and sane fireworks for sale: Firecrackers, Roman candles, torpedoes, pinwheels and pistols.

The Fourth, celebrated in Grass Valley this year, was marked by a long day of sports events.

An auto smashed into a train at Emigrant Gap — passengers injured and not expected to live.

The Halkyard home in Camptonville was destroyed by fire.

The new Nevada City auto camping grounds are drawing visitors from all sections of the country.

A horse and buggy went over Purdon Grade — no one injured but the vehicle was destroyed.

Germany must disarm or Allies will occupy Ruhr area.

Milk up 2 cents a quart.

Three killed near Red Bluff in a crash of a Forest Service airplane.

A group of Eastern investors were given a tour of the local mines.

Graniteville was almost deserted over the Fourth — residences fled to the coolness of the lakes. But a big dance was held that night at the Golden State hotel there.

The State House discussed the problem of intermarriage between Japanese and whites. George Shima president of the Japanese Association of America, said that in a hundred years people will look back and declare such unions as “all right.”

Tony Costa has a face infection from an insect bite received working in the Red Ledge mine.

Federales have Villa bottled up near Parral.

Dorothy Gish stars in the Nugget Nell at the Auditorium.

Nearly half-million acres in California are controlled by the Japanese.

Champion Mine closes — has never paid off and will not reopen.

The American sloop Resolute and Shamrock IV will meet off Sandy Hook for the America Cup — Sir Thomas Lipton’s fourth try.

The 16 to 1 mine buys the 21 mining claims — settles a long dispute between the two.

A U.S. battleship landed 150 marines in China — will proceed to Peking to protect Americans caught in recent outbreaks.

Mattley Aviation Company aircraft made flights over the city, taking up a number of passengers.

Shamrock wins first race.

The Bear River Water and Power Company applied to use Greenhorn Creek water for power purposes.

Earthquake tremblers have L.A. upset. Four shocks cause minor damage.

Talk again of the Gold Lake district reviving — still no method of treating the rebellious ore there found.

The Legislature continues to argue the Japanese question. America is a melting pot, declared one Japanese, and we are ready to be melted. But W.P. Jacobs, Stockton attorney, disagrees — said assimilation will only lead to joy rides of big Japanese boys and American girls.

Resolute shows Shamrock its heels in second race.

The Hartung jazz band drew a good crowd of dancers at the Elks Hall in Grass Valley last night.

Mrs. Robert Harrigan, a young mother, died of childbirth complications.

Babe Ruth hit two homers in one game — that’s 31 for the season.

Charles Ninnis is Nevada City’s new Nightwatchman.

James Friedley, Truckee mechanic, was accidentally shot by a friend as they drove in Friedley’s Auto — Friedley should survive.

The Penn Valley creamery petitions to relocate Grass Valley under the control of the Farm Bureau.

John Orzalli is injured at Gap lumber camp.

Resolute and Shamrock tie in third race.

If your auto registration is faded and unreadable, it’s up to you to get a new, legible copy.

A moonlight dance will be held tonight at the Redman Park — gents 50 cents, ladies free.

Four auto-stages were held up by a lone bandit near Yosemite. Victims said he seemed experienced at his work.

New Mexico would like to change its name — easterners think it’s part of Old Mexico, not a U.S. state.

Trappers will be working the lower parts of the county, cleaning up coyotes.

Villa sacks town of Sabinas, Mexico.

Two wolves were captured in the Lime Kiln area.

Resolute retains America Cup.

Two old time miners died: Michael Coughlan and Owen Buckley.

Villa surrenders to Federales.

Nevada County population is 10,850 — may be on the low side as census was taken in winter when the population drops. Grass Valley placed at 4,006, Nevada City, 1,785.

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