7 Common Misconceptions About Cannabis

This article was originally published on Nisonco, and appears here with permission.

Cannabis has become so mainstream these past several years that truly misguided misconceptions like “cannabis is a gateway drug” has been rebutted and universally accepted. That being said, there are still some common misconceptions that continue to circulate amongst cannabis newbies and experts. 

This week at NisonCo, we’ll explore some of the most common misconceptions surrounding cannabis and CBD. 

Let’s start with one of the most controversial misconceptions of them all.  

  1. You can overdose on cannabis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a fatal dose of marijuana is unlikely. There have been incidents resulting in death, which involved cannabis as the sole drug consumed; however, the death may have been attributed to an underlying medical condition. Consuming large amounts of cannabis is not recommended since it can cause extreme paranoia, panic, fast heart rate, and delusion, to name a few. 

NisonCo is an advocate of practicing safe consumption and harm reduction! 

  1. Holding in a hit gets you higher. We’ve all heard this and have probably done it. Holding in your smoke might make you feel higher but not due to the cannabis. When you deprive your brain of the oxygen, it results in a feeling of lightheadedness, which could make you feel higher. Research has shown that 95% of THC is absorbed within the first few seconds of inhaling. So don’t …

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