Hits & Misses in Nevada County: Those who pick up trash are a HIT!

Each week we’ll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike us as Hits or Misses. You can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to [email protected]

HIT (from reader Jim Evans): Maybe someone there can give a HIT – thank you to those volunteers who pick up trash along our roadways — litter thrown by our (not-so thoughtful) neighbors who share this county.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Jo Ann Rebane): To the Board of Supervisors for deciding to take another look and to reconsider the poorly written temporary urgency ordinance. It’s a blizzard of code sections and recitations of the governor’s orders. Who knows what was to be enforced by our county or why draconian fines are necessary?

MISS (from Rebane): To the deteriorating pavement and lane striping under the freeway at Idaho Maryland Road between Sears and the turn off to Hills Flat Lumber. Which agency should be fixing those pot holes and doing the repainting?

HIT (from Rebane): To our fully functioning community. We’ve got everything here — no need to leave the county. To name a few providers my family has appreciated lately — the weed whacker, the A/C and generator contractors, the gardener, the orthopedic surgeon, the urgent care folks, the hospital, the florist, the take-out pizza place, and caring friends. This is a great place to live.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Paul Matson): While this year’s Constitution Day Parade is canceled, the 29th annual Duck Race is happening on Sunday, Sept. 20. The 49er Rotary Breakfast Club will run this event in Deer Creek, masked up and socially distanced. This, their only fundraiser, supports Sierra College scholarships, splitting and delivering wood to our seniors, building a shade pergola at North Star House, and donating thesauruses to Nevada City’s fifth graders. 100% of the ticket sales goes back to our community! To watch the race visit https://www.49errotary.org. With a few less tickets printed this year, our odds of winning are better than ever! For ticket information contact “Ducktator” John Baker at [email protected]

HIT (from Matson): Here’s to our community’s impressive show of support for Sierra Theaters! With three empty Grass Valley theater venues to sustain: The Del Oro, Sierra Cinemas, and Sutton Cinemas, they were in trouble. This wonderful family operated business began at the Nevada Theatre in 1979, and has grown from there. First closed, then open for 16 days, and then closed again due to Covid-19, things did not look good. However, their Keep the Lights On at Sierra Theaters campaign is approaching their fundraising goal of $75,850 to get them through this year. Sometimes we just need a big screen, surround sound and some popcorn to do a film justice.

MISS (from Editorial Board member Shanti Emerson): To anti-mask rally at the Rood Center Tuesday. Participants made this issue into a political freedom issue, not a health issue. Reading from the Bible was too much!

HIT (from Emerson): To everyone eating outside at their favorite restaurants.

MISS (from Editorial Board member Susan Rogers): To the huge gulf between people who wear masks and those who refuse, with some of the latter suggesting that mask orders are part of a communist plot. Where do these ideas come from? Our national security and intelligence agencies have known (and warned Congress and the public) for years that Russians are using the internet to create discord and divisiveness in the American public, because they (the Russians) know that such discord weakens our country. How do the anti-maskers really, truly know where their information is coming from when it’s just on the internet?

MISS (from Susan Rogers): To this extended period of hot, dry weather. Can we get a little break please?

MISS (from Editorial Board member Dick Tracy): Two front page photos in on July 22 show dozens of people gathered close together for a “Free Nevada County” protest about restaurant fines. Not one person wearing a Covid-19 mask. Is the pandemic over?

HIT (from Tracy): We’ve come to terms having two handsome skunks dwelling under our porch, but if they “violate the truce” with spray here’s the formula for the best deodorant: One quart of hydrogen peroxide, one-quarter cup of baking soda and some liquid dish soap as a sticker-spreader. CAUTION: Don’t mix it in advance. It can cause glass containers to explode.

HIT (from Tracy): Written like a long letter from a dear friend, Grass Valley resident Peter Arnold’s paperback, “Ripples on the Water,” encapsulates, “80 years of Shooting and Fishing” from California to Ecuador and Brazil that will stir memories in duck hunters, fishermen and outdoors adventurers. A former president of the Nevada County Farm Bureau, he earned a master’s degree in forestry from Yale before spending four years with his wife, Sarah, as a forestry advisor in Ecuador. From icy cold mornings duck hunting in California to swimming with flesh-eating piranhas in South America, Arnold brings to life a sense of humor and an admiration for wildlife and wild country. Available through the 96-year-old author at 12199 Silver Springs Place, Grass Valley CA 95949 for $19.95 ( plus $2.80 for mailing). All proceeds will go to The California Wildfowl Association. “And not,” Arnold quips, “to my drinking habits!” Available locally through The Bookseller, Downtown Books and Brown Banana Books.

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