The Beauty Of Sativa Cannabis Strains (And Why You’ll Probably Love Them)

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Whenever someone starts to say that they don’t like sativas, I want to interrupt them, “Shut up. Yes, you do.” 

Too many people love to say they hate sativas and that it makes them anxious.

But it’s time we add some true context to that conversation — or else people will continue writing off an entire third of the weed types out there. Probably more when you really get into genetics. 

So gather round the fire, kiddos; it’s time to talk about sativas and why you probably do like them.

What are sativas?

Sativa, indica, and hybrid refer to the morphology of a cannabis plant. Cannabis sativa plants grow tall and lanky with long, fluffy flowers, cannabis indica plants grow short and bulky with thick dense flowers, and hybrids fall somewhere in between. Though the cannabis industry uses these plant species as a one-to-one system between strains and effects, these are truly just classifications of plants based on the way they grow, where they grow, and the structure of their flowers.

Most modern sativas can be traced back to the original Haze and Skunk genetics, which can then be traced back to landrace strains from all over the world. Sativas grew in the Middle East, Mexico, Africa — sativas grew everywhere. 

Those genetics went on to be crossed with all kinds of Afghani, Northern Lights, and other indica genetics from all over the globe, and that’s exactly why most of the cannabis strains on shelves today are some form of hybrid. We started crossing strains in the search for perfection and never stopped.

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You’re probably smoking sativas and don’t even know it

Chances are you’ve smoked plenty of sativas and enjoyed them. With most products being hybrids, it’s just impossible to avoid them. When you smoke with people at a social function, you don’t ask for strain names (much less a certificate of analysis), you just smoke the weed and go. I guarantee you’ve hit some …

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