Midas Letter Favourites

It’s a civic holiday here in Canada. Most Canadians are at the cottage chilling and grilling, so we think it’s the perfect time to look back and reflect on our efforts in creating memorable content for our subscribers.

Take your time to enjoy today’s video of some of our Midas Letter highlights. The full interviews are conveniently linked below (with time stamps – you’re welcome).

0:06 – Kevin O’Leary Betting on New Emerging Industry

0:38 – Dan Bilzerian Talks Ignite International

1:19 – Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski on the Benefit of CBD for Athletes

1:56 – The Big Short’s Danny Moses: Investment Views of the Future

2:41 – Olympic Gold Medalist Levelling the Playing Field

3:20 – 55th Mexican President Vicente Fox’s Latin American Strategy

4:01 – Iconic Entrepreneur Joe Mimran Excited by Khiron

4:49 – Elias Theodorou Fights Against the Stigma of Medical Cannabis

And while we’re on the subject of reminiscing, below is a chart of the James West Letter’s stock picks performance compared to the major US market indices. A picture tells a thousand words so there’s no need to dive into a massive sales pitch. You know what to do: check out our latest stock strategies.

Happy Civic Holiday Canada & Happy Monday my American friends. As always, have a great trading week ahead.

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