Cannabis Law Expert Bob Hoban Explains How To Succeed In Cannabis Law

By Natan Ponieman and Javier Hasse.

Bob Hoban is recognized as one of the world’s top leaders in cannabis policy. His firm, the Hoban Law Group, has been at the epicenter of the commercial expansion of cannabis as a legitimate business worldwide.

Benzinga recently spoke with Hoban, who recalled his first steps in the industry and explained how he managed to nurture and turn his firm into a go-to consultancy for cannabis businesses, policy-makers and international governments.

Early Beginnings

Since 2008, Hoban has worked with more than 35 different countries in developing public policy solutions for the legislation and regulation of commercial cannabis. 

The Rutgers University alum spent most of his life in the Northeast and eventually moved to the West in 2008. He started a law firm focused on representing medium-sized businesses.

Less than a year later, the firm was solely focused on cannabis companies.

Hoban was a cannabis consumer, but had no connections to advocacy groups or cannabis ventures. As the cannabis industry started to develop in Colorado, he saw an opportunity.

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That there was a side to cannabis law that was not being covered. Most activists and advocates had focused on making cannabis legal, but not many businesses or jurisdictions knew what to do after that.

“Once a country legalizes something, what comes next?” Hoban asked. “And I always said, well, that’s the opportunity.”

Since its …

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