Cleveland man arrested for distributing child pornography

A Cleveland man has been arrested for distributing child pornography.According to an FBI spokesperson, on August 7, an undercover police officer joined a chat room named “Pedcast Chat.”During the officer’s conversation with a 26-year-old man using the screen name “benshady69,” the man indicated that he would have access to his two small children this weekend and had previously “played” with them and planned on making a video with them. Authorities said “benshady69” distributed 14 videos and images of child sexual abuse on June 3. On August 14, the man was arrested without incident. He has been charged with receipt and distribution of child pornography. News 5 is not providing his given name at this time in order to protect potential victims. If your children have had contact with anyone using the screen names “benshady69” or “B Shady” you should contact the FBI immediately.

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