How Aurelius Wields User-Generated Data For The Medical Cannabis Industry

By Natán Ponieman and Javier Hasse.

Aurelius Data is using technology to build a scientifically reliable body of evidence for the medical cannabis industry.

Instead of using lab-generated data, the company is drawing from daily sets of information generated by patients, adult-use consumers, dispensaries, cultivators and manufacturers.

With operations in the U.S. and Mexico, Aurelius is using alternative routes to augment our knowledge of cannabinoid science, making up for the lost time that the federal prohibition is weighing on research.

Creating The Prescriber’s Reference For Medical Cannabis

“It is medicine that should be treated like medicine,” said Julie Armstrong, CEO and Co-founder of Aurelius Data in a recent interview with Benzinga.

The executive and Master in Pharmacy said that there’s a large pool of data from cannabis that nobody is looking at right now; that’s the information that comes from people who are already using cannabis as a medication.

Whether it’s legally or illegally, with or without supervision, crowds of medical patients are currently using cannabis to treat specific symptoms. And that’s valuable information that’s not being seized.

“If I could create the PDR for cannabis, I would,” said Armstrong, in reference to the Prescriber’s Digital Reference, a database used by medical professionals to understand drugs and their indications.

Armstrong believes that cannabis should have a rigorous guide with indications, dosage parameters and contraindications. Her strategy with Aurelius is to approach the cannabis industry from what she calls a “boring, traditional pharmaceutical method” of excluding risk, determining which cannabinoids create symptom resolution, and applying those to the diseases.

“Exclude all the things that don’t work and …

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