What You Need To Know About Wyclef Jean’s Cannabis Venture

By Melanie Erbar.

A few months ago, rapper Wyclef Jean — former member of The Fugees — announced a partnership with the cannabis lifestyle brand Cali Life to create his BOOM BAP collection.

The product line features synthetic free, pre-rolled hemp blunts infused with dried flower, flavoured distillates and kief, assuring an intense and uplifting high, as advertised by Cali Life.

Catering to a variety of tastes, customers can choose between three strains named after the musician’s songs — the sativa Fast Car Banana, and hybrids Faded Butterfly Clementine and Gone ‘Til November Mango.

The BOOM BAP collection is set to appear in the Cali Life dispensaries throughout Los Angeles this month, alongside the brand’s flower buds and vape pens.

BOOM BAP On A Mission

While the Haitian rapper rose to fame in the early 90’s as member …

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