Kathy Doty: Let’s see all the facts on impact of gold mine

My family lives off of Greenhorn Road in four different homes and land parcels. All of us have had vibrations from the equipment at the East Bennett Rise Gold operations during its exploration drilling. This vibration drove us crazy.

Our neighbor’s well already has poor water flow (no doubt due to a poor water table on top of the ridge) and no doubt could be impacted bye voted in. We all pray it is not! We are very much against the greed of a gold mining company coming in to exploit our town for their gain. To say it will provide jobs, I beg to differ as the consequences far outweigh the few who will benefit. The potential loss of our ground water, our wells, the constant traffic of heavy trucks continually traveling our roads, the damage and pollution created by this venture will no doubt have a very serious impact on our town.

I sincerely hope the people of our beautiful town will have the opportunity to see all the facts before we end up allowing the polluting of our local wells, water, air quality and roadways for the future due to the greed of Rise Gold, a Canadian company.

Kathy Doty

Grass Valley

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