The Kardashians And CBD: Kim And Kourtney’s One True Love

By Lola Sasturain, originally published on El Planteo.

Like true Californians, the world’s most famous (and profitable) family of entrepreneurs don’t shy away from CBD. Since everything they touch turns profitable, we can predict that just by mentioning it they have already done much more for the acceptance and popularity of this compound than many companies that invest millions in its development.

First, Kim

Last year, Kim Kardashian confessed to People magazine that CBD had saved her life. Although she does not enjoy smoking cannabis, she uses CBD jelly beans to help her fall asleep. Thanks to the compound, the star says, she believes that she will never use sleeping pills, or anxiolytics like Xanax again.

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Kim is so in love with the cannabis extract, that CBD was one of the themes of her last son’s baby shower. The child, named Psalm …

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