What To Do While You’re High At Home In Quarantine

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While isolation during the COVID crisis is certainly no fun, it is giving a much-needed boost to the cannabis industries across the country.

Dispensaries are reporting lines out the door of medical and recreational users eager to stock up on their substance of choice, which will undoubtedly make quarantine a little more bearable.

While some states are experimenting with loosening some lockdown restrictions, most public health officials expect a second wave of infections to drive most of the population back inside.

Whether you live in Los Angeles or Kansas City, you need to prepare mentally and physically for a second phase of isolation — and that means in a good grip of the good green to stay entertained.

But, after the first few nights of couch lock wear off, you might be looking for other exciting home-based activities to keep you engaged and entertained while high.

Whether you are still in lockdown or are just looking for new weed ideas, here are some things to do at home after smoking marijuana.

Do Something Creative and Fastidious

It is a pervasive myth that intoxicants like alcohol and weed make you more creative.

In truth, because marijuana relaxes the mind and body, the drug makes it more difficult for you to focus your thoughts, which can make activities like idea generation or development exceedingly difficult.

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If you do believe that pot makes you more creative, …

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