Integrity Intelligence: How To Maximize Your Cannabis Brand’s Influencer Strategy

By Kevin Moran and Matt Lombardi, co-founders of beam.

With social platforms increasingly saturated by the #sponsored hashtag and inauthenticity, research shows that two out of three millennials block traditional ads.

In an even-more saturated CBD category, there is no luxury to broadcasting one-way messages to our brand fans. This challenging category creates many questions for an overregulated category for CBD brands: how can you tell if your social strategy is working? Is the investment really worth it?

In 2019 alone, according to MediaKix, brands spent nearly $8.5 billion on influencers…. and we, at beam, are a small and scrappy startup.

As professional athletes for nearly our entire adult lives, you can imagine the hours of training and number of injuries we’ve accumulated throughout careers. We understand why recovery and taking care of your body is important.

Building beam, a THC-free CBD brand, is a result of personally realizing the profound benefits of CBD and uncovering an opportunity for bringing this to athletes and people living healthy, active lifestyles. In a space that was already crowded and largely misunderstood, we needed a strategy to break through the noise.

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One thing we knew was, people trust people they look up to. This became the approach for launching our influencer program. How do we architect a group of people that are so good at what they do, people will trust them?

From Mat Fraser and Tia Claire-Toomey (the fittest male and female on earth), to Danica Patrick (the most successful woman in Racing), to Billy …

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