Brazil Discusses Project That Would Allow Cultivation, Production Of Cannabis-Based Medicines

By Natalia Kesselman, originally published on El Planteo.

Last Tuesday, September the 1st, the Brazilian Chamber of Representatives’ Special Commission in charge of regulating cannabis-based medicines held an online meeting in the form of a public hearing.

The objective of the assembly was to analyze a new bill (PL 399/2015) regarding cannabis-based medicines. This new piece of legislation would allow for the research, processing, production, and commercialization of pharmaceutical drugs and medicinal products containing parts of the Cannabis Sativa plant.

The text also contemplates the cultivation of cannabis by legal entities in specific situations.

The Commission

The commission brought together representatives from government agencies and civil associations, expert doctors and researchers, religious institutions, and parents of infants who rely on cannabis-based drugs to treat medical conditions.

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In February, members had traveled to Colombia to collect subsidies and gather information that would benefit the debate and the writing of the new bill. Prior to Tuesday’s meeting, the last activity of the special commission had occurred in March of this year.

Project And Goal

The project was written by Representative Fábio Mitidieri (PSD-SE), and replaces PL 399/2015 presented by Representative Luciano Ducci (PSB-PR).

Although the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) already has certain regulations regarding cannabis-based medicines, most of these are imported, highly increasing the final cost.

According to Mitidieri, the project’s goal is the common good: he argues the new regulations would make these drugs more accessible. And this is key, since these meds often turn out to be the only effective treatment to alleviate various ailments including certain forms of epilepsy, …

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