How Concerned Should Countries Be About Vape Pen Cartridges?

This article was originally published on Cannabis & Tech Today, and appears here with permission.

It wasn’t that long ago that there was a spike in health issues reported in multiple countries, with the culprit causing the issues reportedly being cannabis vape pen cartridges.

Cannabis vape pen cartridges grew in popularity at an exponential rate in recent years, and for good reason.

Much of the increased popularity is due to vape pen cartridges being convenient, discreet, and for many consumers and patients they are effective at providing the desired effect.

Another major factor contributing to the exponential growth in popularity is the increased availability of vape pen cartridges in legal markets. 

Unfortunately, that increased availability in legal markets has been paralleled by an increase in the availability of unregulated cartridges in illegal jurisdictions.

Unregulated vape pen cartridges are very likely behind any spike in health issues experienced by cannabis consumers.

Without effective product testing, there’s no way to know for sure what is inside of unregulated vape pen cartridges.

Presumably, very harmful things are included in the cartridges in order to boost products without any regard for public safety.

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