Case Study: Boosting Your Cannabusiness Through Art And Design

This article was originally published on Goldleaf, and appears here with permission.


If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you understand that it’s not just the quality of your products that matter, but also their presentation.
For business owners who operate brick and mortar stores, the same rule applies to the decor of their shops.
Given the abundance of options for cannabis consumers, it’s essential that entrepreneurs separate themselves from the pack; one of the best ways to do that is through establishing an excellent overall presentation for your brand.

Lightshade’s Story

Lightshade’s CEO Steve Brooks is all in on quality. This consumer-centered approach has led Lightshade to being honored as one of the top five dispensaries in the United States by Business Insider and a “Colorado Dispensary of the Year” by Leafly.
At present, Lightshade operates multiple dispensaries in the state of Colorado. When the Lightshade team realized there was an opportunity to improve the overall aesthetic presentation of their dispensaries, one of their team members began to search online for potential avenues and discovered Goldleaf. After he informed key stakeholders about the quality of Goldleaf’s prints, the Lightshade team quickly jumped on board and approved …

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