Benzinga Cannabis Hour: Wielding Hemp To Offset Climate Change

This week’s Benzinga Cannabis Hour featured Last Prisoner Project’s Steve DeAngelo; Hoban Law Group’s Bob Hoban; and The People’s Dispensary’s Christine Delarosa (link to video below).

Co-hosts Patrick Lane and Javier Hasse guided the conversation across a wide variety of topics. Here’s a breakdown of what was discussed.

Steve DeAngelo, Founder, Last Prisoner Project

Steve DeAngelo is perhaps one of the most renowned leaders in the sector. Touted as the “Father of the Cannabis Industry,” the LPP founder is indeed a multihyphenate: speaker-activist-advocate-entrepreneur-educator.

He kicked off the conversation by making a case for a hemp-based economy.

“We can wear hemp clothes. We can eat hemp foods. We can start driving this hemp economy forward,” he said. Why? The environment depends on it.

“For every hectare of hemp that we harvest, we sequester 22 tons of atmospheric carbon,” he said. “If we make hempcrete out of that harvested hemp, then the hempcrete — as it dries — will sequester additional carbon, and once harvested, that industrial hemp crop can be used to produce anything that’s currently made from cotton, or petroleum or trees.”

In DeAngelo’s view, a hemp-based economy coupled with a plant-based diet are the two “most immediate changes” that consumers can make in their lives in order to forestall climate change.

DeAngelo also stressed the importance of LPP’s mission: decarcerating cannabis. The organization provides a variety of services to those who have been incarcerated …

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