The Keys To Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

This article was originally published on Cannabis & Tech Today, and appears here with permission.

If it isn’t obvious already, we do everything we can here to champion sustainable practices in the cannabis industry. That’s why when Bill Ludlow, CEO of CRATIV Packaging, published an in-depth sustainability mantra on his company’s website, we were intrigued. While sustainability is growing in popularity and practice in the cannabis industry, it is still rare to see such public and open commitment to sustainable practices. We decided to speak with Ludlow further about what made him decide to make sustainability a core value of his business.

Cannabis & Tech Today: Can you tell us what was the motivation for making sustainability so core to your business?

Bill Ludlow: We took a step back to explore our “Why.” We knew we had to develop a core mantra that our team could speak to with passion and our customers could get behind. We realized we can’t just be “a packaging company,” and we’re excited to say we are also environmentally conscious, child-safe, and champions for cannabis.

Being a company focused on the development of child-resistant packaging for the cannabis industry captured two …

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