Flora Growth CEO Shares Insights On How To Cultivate An Ethical And Fast-Growing Cannabis Company

The cannabis industry has received rapid global growth in recent years, due in part, to the increasing recognition of the plant’s possible medicinal and therapeutic benefits. As cannabis legalization continues to gain momentum, we’ve begun to see an increased production of what is regarded as one of the oldest cultivated plants. 

Flora Growth, a vertically integrated cannabis company, entered the industry intending to become the world’s largest producer of low-cost, naturally grown medicinal-grade cannabis oils and extracts in the world.

In Flora’s quest to produce low-cost and high-quality cannabis, the company employed Cosechemos as its flagship cultivation facility. Located in Bucaramanga, Colombia, Cosechamos was chosen for its ideal growing conditions. 

The cultivation facility receives approximately 12.8 hours of natural daylight every day. In turn, the facility can have 3+ crop cycles per year as opposed to the typical 1-2 cycles in other geographical locations. 

“Colombia is a large country with various climates depending on where you are. We settled on Bucaramanga in the Department of Santander and we chose this area because it has all the ideal conditions for growing cannabis outdoors — ideal climate, sunlight, and access to water,” said CEO of Flora Growth Damian Lopez. “And one of the benefits of the country, and particularly the region, is it has a booming cut flower industry so the labor force is quite skilled and familiar with the agricultural industry.” 

Brand Portfolio

Flora’s core product is its organic CBD oils. CBD, which stands for Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive drug derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, which is the active ingredient that causes the feeling of a high among users, CBD does not produce a sensation of being “high.”

Research on the benefits of CBD is still ongoing, but studies have shown that CBD is effective in stopping or lessening the …

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