Isodiol Executives Discuss Company Shift Towards CBD Consumer Markets

Isodiol International Inc. (CSE: ISOL) (OTCQB: ISOLF) launched in 2009 as a cannabinoid researcher and grew to become a globally-known bulk seller of CBD products.

It embarked on a new goal one year ago, with the introduction of Andrew Alvis as president.

Alvis was brought on board to oversee a new mission for Isodiol — conquering the CBD consumer markets.

Alvis, CEO Marcos Agramont and former NFL player Marvin Washington, who was brought on as a strategic partner, spoke with Benzinga about Isodiol’s new goals.

A Direct-To-Consumer Focus

Isodiol started off as a supplier of nano-liquid suspensions, isolates and hemp oil. After developing the first formulations, it created oils, topicals, capsules, pain patches and other products that were used to showcase all the versatile functions that were achievable with the bulk ingredients they had developed.

In 2017, ISO International — as the company was originally named — was acquired by cannabis distributor Laguna Blends Inc. Laguna changed its name to Isodiol, began trading under the stock symbol ‘ISOL’ and launched the newly-acquired Isodiol into the public markets.

Since then, the company remained focused on the best path towards profitability. That direction was crystallized with the appointment of Alvis as president in October 2019. He brought a vast experience in leadership with a background in finance and global expansion.

“I got brought …

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