Cannabis-Users Require More Anesthesia During Surgery

This article was originally published on Cannabis & Tech Today, and appears here with permission.

We’ve previously discussed the importance of talking with your pharmacist about cannabis, but research shows that if you’re heading into your surgery, your physician anesthesiologist should also be aware of your use. 

A new study being presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY 2020 (sic) annual meeting shows that cannabis users require more anesthesia during surgery than non-users and use higher amounts of opioids during recovery at the hospital. 

“There is some evidence that cannabis may be beneficial for chronic and nerve pain. However, early research suggests that this is not the case for acute pain such as for surgery of a broken leg,” said Ian Holmen, M.D., lead author of the study and an anesthesiology resident at the University of Colorado Hospital, Aurora.

The researchers looked at the charts of 118 patients who all went into surgery for a broken leg at the University of Colorado Hospital.

Of those, 30 patients reported having cannabis prior to the surgery. 

After comparing the two groups, cannabis-users vs. non-users, evaluating the amount of anesthesia …

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More Cannabis-Users Require More Anesthesia During Surgery