Cannabinoids Beyond THC And CBD Pique Market Interest

When it comes to cannabis compounds, THC and CBD are just the tip of a massive iceberg.

Hundreds of compounds go into a plant strain, and many are now being tapped for their healing potential. While some are hitting shelves now, insiders believe the boom will occur sometime down the line.

That said, the buzz over the compounds is already swirling in the cannabis community.

Terpenes — known for producing the aroma, flavor and some effects in each strain — are projected to have a modest global market value of $730 million by 2025, representing a CAGR of 4.7% during the period.

Meanwhile, additional cannabinoids are starting to receive attention in many cannabis products.

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Are Cannabinoids Worth Market Buzz?

“For large portions of the public, CBD is still new,” said Laura Fuentes, CEO Green Roads CBD products. “More and more people are just beginning to discover its benefits.”

As such, the room for comprehending additional compounds may not presently exist and public awareness is just one point of contention. But cost is another driving force.

Dennis O’Neill, co-founder and CIO …

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More Cannabinoids Beyond THC And CBD Pique Market Interest