Fantasy Football Week 6: Don’t fret over Dak replacement

Lexi, good news bad news:

The good: My Herald league team finally got it done. 1-4 and ready for more.

The bad: My pay league team, already playing without Saquon Barkley, is no longer unbeaten. Because the Vikings couldn’t pick up a yard, a Russell Wilson TD to DK Metcalf contributed to a 158.5-154 loss. Did I mention I also might’ve won if Dak Prescott hadn’t gotten hurt?

I’ve dislocated an ankle before. I knew exactly what had happened.

So: How to deal with key injuries?

Structurally, in real football when a QB gets hurt, the team puts in another QB. You don’t just go without that production. I think there needs to be a protection in place for this. Next season I’m going to implement that if your starter gets hurt, you get their real-life backup’s points for the remainder of the game.

AI: OK — so I absolutely love the automatic handcuff for QB rule. I think that should be a fantasy rule for all leagues. It could take up a spot just like IR.

Take it from someone who had the curse of the QBs last season — it freaking matters. Every QB I had got hurt. It was awful.

Dak’s injury was so painful to watch. You can’t help but feel for him — whether you have him on your fantasy squad or not.

I was playing Dak this past week in our league — and it helped me secure a win — but I would rather have lost than see someone of his caliber go down and be placed on IR. That’s why it pays to have a great backup QB like Dallas does — arguably they have the best backup in the league.

I mean look at when Cam Newton was ruled out with COVID. … If the Patriots had someone better than Hoyer they could’ve easily taken that W.

Back to your team — you had a great week. Your team finally got all of its ducks in a row and when the stars aligned they proved just how much of a force your team can be. Loved seeing that.

My bench basically outscored my starters … the most frustrating part of fantasy (in my opinion) is when that happens.

I have both Kenyan Drake and his handcuff Chase Edmonds. I gave Drake one more week as my starter because if he wasn’t going to have a standout week against the Jets -— then he’s never going to. He did well — but Edmonds outscored him. May have to lean more towards Edmonds moving forward as my starting back.

I also waited on starting Henry Ruggs III because he was coming off an injury and was playing against the best WR D in the league (KC ranked #1 heading into that matchup — according to ESPN). He had a WHOPPING 23 points in a non-PPR league, so looks like he’s moving into a starting spot.

Also — I had to wait to play the Giants lead RB Devonta Freeman because he was only a few weeks into learning their offense, so I needed to wait to slide him into a starting role until he proved himself — and he did with 14 points on my bench.

Lots of Q marks before this week that have now been answered — at least for my teams. It usually is that way for fantasy GMs until around Week 6. Takes some time to establish a solid starting lineup. But now that I have the depth you need to sustain yourself with COVID, injuries and other suspensions/unexpected activity that happens in the league to cause lineup shakeups.

SO — rant over.

Who are your top waiver wire pickups this week? And who do you think is worth moving into a starting roster slot?

I know if you have Edmonds, Freeman or Ruggs (from experience) that they are more than worthy of a starting role.


BC: Well, like me, a lot of people need QB help this week. Wilson is on a bye, so that’s probably an issue for some teams. But I am here to bring good news: There are a ton of good ones out there, even in a 12-team league like the Herald’s.

In the past, I have readily streamed D/STs and kickers. They’re really all kind of similar. Oddly, QBs are somewhat in this category now. You’re likely to be able to find acceptable guys to use if you had a catastrophic loss like Dak.

Case in point: His backup and now 2020 Cowboys starter, Andy Dalton.

Now clearly, Dalton is no Dak. But he’s a guy on a one-year deal, so he now has a chance to play for a bigger contract. He’s had some solid years in Cincinnati, but never with the number of weapons Dallas affords him. This was Jerry Jones‘ insurance policy, and it will pay off.

Carson Wentz is available in our league, but all that means is we have some dopes in our league.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a decent fill-in; and you could double up and nab Tua Tagavailoa if you’re looking full-year, or just hope for some (probable) one-week fill-in FitzMagic against the awful Jets.

Phil Rivers is available, although I am not a fan. I am a fan of Baker Mayfield, and his stats seem to have nowhere to go but up.

So there’s 5 dudes right there that can get you through the week, or longer if you need.

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