8 Things Standing In The Way Of The Popularization Of Hemp Products

This article was originally published on Goldleaf, and appears here with permission.

Industrial hemp can be used for a plethora of environmentally-friendly applications. The widespread adoption of industrial uses of hemp can also provide a huge boost to the economy through a surge in job creation

So if hemp is good for both the environment and the economy, why aren’t hemp-based products dominating the market? 

The answer is complicated, but the eight factors in our list below play a major part in this disheartening situation.  


Many people still believe that hemp is analogous to the psychoactive version of cannabis commonly known as “marijuana.” This simply isn’t so. Unlike marijuana, hemp doesn’t have much THC (under 0.3%, according to FDA regulations), meaning that you cannot get stoned from hemp.  


Hemp is seen a direct threat to the bottom lines of many powerful industries and organizations. Given the outsized influence that lobbyists have in the United States’ political process, most notably through donations to political campaigns, many politicians remain hesitant to passionately advocate on behalf of hemp’s wider use in society.

International Narcotics Conventions

International agreements, such as 

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