The Psilocybin Supply Chain: An Evidence-Based Review

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Psilocybin, the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms”, might still be a schedule I drug, but it’s recent demand for research and clinical use is already unprecedentedly high. The recent clinical trials utilizing psilocybin and their groundbreaking results has brought it to the verge of becoming a clinically approved medication. As more researchers and organizations rush to further uncover the therapeutic mysteries and mechanisms of psilocybin, the need for a steady, consistent supply chain is rapidly increasing. 

Psygen is one company that has taken upon themselves to produce both non-GMP and GMP grade synthetic psilocybin for pre-clinical and clinical research, as well as for commercial drug use. The demand for their product is so high that they have found themselves adding new clients to a waitlist with material unavailable until their commercial lab is completed in 2022. While they acknowledge that demand for psilocybin and the expansion of psychedelic research and therapeutics is a good thing, it is clear this enthusiasm also highlights the emerging industry need for a steady psilocybin supply chain. This guide will explore the role Psygen is playing in this dynamic and evolving psilocybin sector of the psychedelic industry. 

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What Is A Supply Chain?

The term “supply chain” refers to the mechanism by which items are manufactured, processed and distributed for consumers to buy and utilize. In the case of something like psilocybin, the core components could be psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. 

However, current production methods render the process of large-scale psilocybin extraction from magic mushrooms much too expensive and impractical. Furthermore, considering these drugs will often be used in a clinical research and therapy setting, the need for consistent, reproducible psilocybin formulations is crucial. This is especially true since the amount of psilocybin in a mushroom can vary by several fold–even among the same strain, depending on growing conditions, time of harvest and other factors. As such, the need for consistency and reproducibility has required the need for high-quality synthetic psilocybin production on a large scale.

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