Please, honey! One day we’ll look back on this and laugh 

During the ride to her wedding in Abuja, Nigeria, an about-to-be bride found out that her husband-to-be slept with her best friend, who also happened to be a bridesmaid on the big day. The infuriated woman was seen stepping out of a car in her wedding gown and refusing to go into the church as the groom chased after her begging for forgiveness, which was not forthcoming.

YOU’VE GOT THE WRONG MAN, OFFICER: A wanted man was arrested at a Border Patrol checkpoint in New Mexico, posing as his brother, who is also a wanted man. The double-murder suspect apparently thought the ruse would keep him safe from authorities as he made his getaway, but, when he was stopped because his van’s registration was expired, he discovered that his brother was wanted for skipping out on a court in a drug case.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I’M “BEING DIFFICULT?” A man stripped naked at a drive-in theater in Center Township, Pa., punched three people when he was asked to leave, and resisted arrest when the state troopers showed up. Mental health professionals are taking a look at him.

I THINK WE SHOULD SEE OTHER PEOPLE: A woman in Kansas City attacked her boyfriend with a machete after he peed in their bed, sending him to the hospital. She was arrested.

I SAID EXTRA CHEESE! KA-BLAM! A man fired gunshots through the front window of a pizzeria in Little Rock, Ark., because he felt he got an insufficient amount of toppings on his pizza.

YOU OK, MA’AM? OH, NEVER MIND: Police, responding to a report of a dead body on the side of the railroad tracks in Allenhurst, Ga., found that it was an anatomically correct sex doll.

WHO SAYS MY STORY DOESN’T HOLD UP!? A man who was arrested for firing his gun into the air at the Lincoln Rodeo in Montana told cops he was assaulted by several men, and that he fired his weapon to scare them away as he tried to escape. But witnesses said they didn’t see any fights between him and anyone else, and a friend of his said he tried to stop him from driving because he was intoxicated.

IT’S HARD TO SOCIAL DISTANCE IN A BAR FIGHT: A group of people got into a brawl over social distancing in a bar in Little Rock, Ark., during which one guy hit another guy over the head with a beer bottle.

TAKE THAT, IKEA! Customers of the Swedish multinational firm Ikea named a street near the company’s new store in Spain “Calle Me Falta un Tornillo,” or “I’m Missing a Screw Street.”

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