Why Are Athletes Penalized For Using Cannabis?

This article was originally published on Cannabis & Tech Today, and appears here with permission.

Cannabis-based drug testing is an inhumane process.

Having to turn over bodily fluid to a stranger, including urine or blood, can be an invasive, humiliating experience.

Many employers and industries require cannabis-based drug testing, including professional sports.

Most international sports competition leagues and/or regulatory bodies subject athletic competitors to various types of drug testing and it almost always includes cannabis.

The cannabinoid THC is a banned substance at the international level when it comes to sports, and that includes the Olympics.

Some level of not-too-invasive drug testing makes sense for athletic competition, such as saliva or hair follicle testing.

For instance testing for steroids seems logical given the athletic advantage that steroids provides.

The prohibition of steroids and other obvious performance enhancers makes sense because it’s a form of blatant cheating. 

The same cannot be said about cannabis.

The continued prohibition of cannabis use in international professional athletic competitions is ridiculous.

Cannabis prohibition in athletics is clearly based more on the political views of league leaders and sports regulators …

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