How Climate-Positive Cultivation Is Growing Greener Cannabis

By Bill Shevlin, Co-CEO, 3 Bros Grow

It’s no secret that indoor cannabis cultivation techniques have a massive carbon footprint. Today, cannabis is a dirty business due to its use of plastics, immense amounts of water and energy are required. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it’s not viable in the long run. Fortunately, by implementing cutting-edge technology and the best production practices, it is possible to grow top-shelf cannabis in a way that’s sustainable for both businesses and the earth.

Benefiting the environment, companies, and consumers

Growing cannabis sustainably is a no-brainer. From an environmental perspective, you have to do what’s right. By switching to the right technologies, cannabis cultivators can create a healthier, cleaner, more consistent product. From a business perspective, minimizing the cost of business operations creates a margin and supports growth. It also makes sense from a brand perspective: cannabis is often promoted as “natural,” which flies in the face of wasted water and energy, not to mention harmful byproducts being released.

A recent article in Forbes noted that 70 percent of millennials will pay more for products made sustainably, and 83 percent consider a product’s environmental or social impact before making a purchase. Most cannabis consumers understand sustainability and environmental goals and tend to be educated in their buying habits. The value of sustainably grown cannabis is an easy message to convey. 

We believe the technology and systems that 3 Bros Grow has implemented can set the standard for indoor cannabis cultivation in five ways:

1. Reduced Water Consumption

Our proprietary systems and technologies don’t use any …

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