What To Do With Your Cannabis Stalks, Stems And Leaves

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You lovingly raised your cannabis crop from seed to flower; you harvested those beautifully frosted buds, trimmed, washed, and dried them; and now, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor with a truly excellent toke.

But what do you do with the rest of the plant once you have what you wanted?

Are the stalks, stems and leaves of your crop worthless, or can you make them as valuable as the flower?

Read on to find out.

Make Homemade Concentrates

Though the trim — the industry term for non-flower vegetable matter, like stalks, stems and leaves — doesn’t have nearly the same cannabinoid and terpene content as the flower, there are still some good compounds within them.

While smoking trim directly will provide a dreadful experience, you can distill all the good stuff and remove the unwanted vegetable content by making concentrates.

Here are a few concentrates you can make at home using your trim:


Hash, or hashish, is a block of trichomes, or the sticky, crystalline structures that make cannabis glitter.

To make hash with trim, you will need to remove the vegetable matter and reserve the trichomes.

You can do this by flat screening, or rubbing frozen trim against a silkscreen and capturing the dry sift, or you can blend your trim with water and rest the mixture on a silkscreen over a jar; the trichomes will sink to the bottom of the water, making them easier to harvest.

From there, making hash is a relatively easy procedure: pressing the trichomes into a block …

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