Military Veteran Fired For Medical Marijuana Use

This article was originally published on Cannabis & Tech Today, and appears here with permission.

Cannabis was the clear winner in the highly competitive 2020 Election, as five states legalized both recreational and medical marijuana.

Finally, it seems as if the country is starting to realize the versatile, medicinal nature of the plant.

Let’s just call cannabis what it is — medicine. 

Unfortunately, the negative stigma attached to marijuana still lingers, and there are those who are still receiving unjust consequences for using it. 

Combat Veteran Tests Positive

In Ocala, Florida, a Belleview High School dean was fired for testing positive for medical marijuana after suffering injuries while breaking up a school fight. 

Michael Hickman, who is a combat military veteran, tested positive in November 2019 when he had to report for treatment of his injuries. 

Hickman was prescribed medical marijuana by his …

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