Hemp And CBD Media Outlet PuraPhy Expands To Functional Mushrooms And Psychedelics

This article was originally published on Microdose Psychedelic Insights and appears here with permission.

Between the incredible progress both cannabis and psychedelics have made in recent years, the options for establishing and maintaining wellness have rapidly expanded. Now, more than ever before, there is a need for high-quality information about the plant medicine landscape that is accessible and distilled for the retail consumer. Already the leading educational digital voice in the hemp and CBD space, the team at PuraPhy is now expanding their robust content universe to include functional mushrooms and psychedelics. From exclusive features on the biggest players to the newest products and top celebrities influencing the society today, the Puraphy team is sure to bring serious value to the emerging mushroom and psychedelic sector. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with both Sara Rose Kennedy, PuraPhy Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer as well as Richard Pérez-Feria, PuraPhy’s editor in chief to further explore PuraPhy’s new content channels for this piece.

Curating Quality Consumer Content for the Plant Medicine & Wellness Space

Between the medical cannabis movement and the mainstream popularization of CBD and hemp products, the market for plant based consumer wellness products is rapidly growing. More recently, the emergence of medicinal mushrooms and, in the clinical setting, psychoactive ones, is quickly producing additional markets in the sector. As such, the need for clear and concise consumer content in the space has never been greater. Indeed, filling this education gap has been the PuraPhy team’s mission and they’ve certainly come a long way in doing so.  Dubbed the “Healing HQ”, PuraPhy aims to facilitate the plant-based wellness trend by providing quality content for consumers in the space. 

With all misinformation that is unfortunately prevalent in this digital age, the PuraPhy team prides themselves on being a leading resource for clear and straightforward information. Indeed, their relaxed, “non-clinical” approach to technical content is exactly what consumers at large need right now. Additionally, by bringing together influencers and celebrities to spotlight in their features, the PuraPhy team crafts content for maximal engagement and impact.

Puraphy mushroom psychedelic content expansion

Spotlighting Celebrities & …

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