10 Best Places To Start A Cannabis Business In The U.S.

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Starting a cannabis business in the US takes a lot of planning, effort, and patience.

However, it’s doable if you choose the best US state for such a business.

According to some of the most recent statistics, the cannabis industry is among the fastest-growing industries globally.

Therefore, it’s a perfect time to start this type of business.

Cannabis state laws are becoming increasingly lenient, while the demand for recreational and medical cannabis has never been higher.

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If you want to start your cannabis dispensary, here are the ten best US states for such a business.

1. California

California is one of the most successful legal US states, with the most prominent cannabis business growth.

This state should be your option number one when considering opening your cannabis dispensary.

Aside from a considerable consumer base, all things cannabis perform well here. 

From delivery services and cannabis farms to fully developed dispensaries for both recreational and legal cannabis sales, the Golden State is doing just fine.

While starting your own business can be costly, California offers plenty of opportunities for cannabis dispensaries.

2. Colorado

Being the pioneer of legal cannabis among all other states, Colorado cannabis dispensaries and stores are perfect for your marijuana business.

So far, Colorado’s cannabis business brought in over $1.5 billion in sales, so you do the math. 

Applying for a dispensary here is …

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